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A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Working with the Media: A New XYPN Resource

Working with the Media

XY Planning Network is always working hard to bring advisors the resources, tools, and information they need to stay on top of the field — and one step ahead. Our latest, free guide walks you through all aspects of working with the media  in order to establish your credibility and gain exposure for your practice.

As we’ve discussed before, financial advisors need to establish themselves as experts in their field. It helps show that you are who you say you are and you know what you say you know. Establishing “social proof” and trustworthiness is of the utmost importance for any financial advisor working virtually.

Because it’s so important that financial advisors serving Gen X and Gen Y clients need to develop great relationships with the press, XY Planning Network put together a brand-new, free resource for planners who need a little more info on how to do just that.

XYPN’s Working with the Media guide for financial advisorswill show you:

  • exactly why it’s critical for planners to take the time to work with members of the press.
  • how you can respond to queries the right way so your quotes are used and you’re chosen as a go-to source.
  • the right way to work with reporters to create great content.
  • do’s and do not’s of working with members of the press (yes, you need media manners!).
  • how to follow up once a story you’re quoted in is published.

Ready to get started?

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