Ep #16: The Rise Of The Robo Advisor with Steve Lockshin

This week, I’m joined by Steve Lockshin, partner of Betterment Institutional and an industry agitator. Over the course of his career, Steve has made a big name for himself. Steve started an RIA that was managing over $15 billion when he sold his shares in that company. He then started a TAMP that was managing over $80 billion […]

Ep #15: Financial Planning for Young Clients – How Most Advisors Get It Wrong

We’re getting a little ranty on #XYPNRadio this week, but for good reason. We’re covering financial planning for young clients: why it matters and how to do it. A recent article in Financial Advisor magazine sparked a strong reaction from both Michael Kitces and myself. In fact, we felt so strongly that we had to write back a response. […]

Ep #14: The Career of Daniel Wrenne – From Northwestern Mutual Insurance Agent to Fee-Only Financial Planner

Today’s interview is with Daniel Wrenne, CFP and founder of Wrenne Financial Planning. Daniel was building a pretty solid book of business at Northwestern Mutual before ultimately deciding to branch off and start his own firm. Over the last ten months, he’s built and ran his business working primarily with physicians and business owners that are striving […]

Ep #13: The Career of Matt Becker – Starting a Firm From Scratch With No Experience

This week, we’re back to our regular interview schedule with Matt Becker’s inspirational and exciting story. Matt is the founder of Mom and Dad Money — and the best writer and brand builder I know in financial planning. Matt has built his entire brand and firm around Mom and Dad Money, focused primarily on a clearly defined […]

Ep #12: BONUS EPISODE – Alan & Kitces Unhinged (Mailbag style!)

We’re starting something new. this week! This is the first of a new monthly bonus episode series where Michael Kitces and I will answer your questions. Using this like a “mailbag” episode, we’ll reach into our emails and pull out questions that we get throughout the month from listeners. We’re excited because this gives us both the […]

Ep #11: Crisis of Differentiation and the Niche Imperative

We’re changing things up a little bit this week on #XYPNRadio! Michael Kitces and I co-host this episode about the crisis of differentiation and the niche imperative. Differentiation and niches in business are an incredibly important topic that ultimately comes down to the question of whether or not your firm is different from the many other financial planning […]

Ep #10: The Career of Mary Beth Storjohann – From Receptionist to Businesses Owner at 29 Years-Old

Today’s guest is at the top of the short list of people we knew we had to talk to when starting #XYPNRadio. Mary Beth Storjohann is the founder of Workable Wealth, a financial planning firm based out of San Diego, CA — and she’s a total rock star. On this episode, we go through her […]

Ep #9: Preparing for a Career in Financial Planning and How to Avoid Making a Big Hiring Mistake with Caleb Brown of New Planner Recruiting

This week on #XYPNRadio, I’m honored to welcome the man that helped me start in the financial planning world, Caleb Brown. Caleb is the co-founder and CEO of New Planner Recruiting, the leading recruiting firm for financial planners nationwide. They find and interview candidates in college programs, as well as those who are changing careers […]