Ep #24: The Intersection of AUM and Monthly Retainers with Alan & Kitces

After last week’s episode, Kitces and I received tons of questions about a portion of the monthly retainer model that we hadn’t gotten into yet. If you remember, we discussed how and why financial planners need to provide financial planning to clients for a monthly fee. What we didn’t get into was the integration of […]

Ep #23: The How and Why of Monthly Retainers with Alan & Kitces

This week on #XYPNRadio, we’re talking about an issue that has come up in multiple episodes: providing financial planning on a monthly retainer basis. As our XYPN members know, having a monthly subscription fee option is required to join our network — but this is not a model that most financial planners are familiar with. In […]

Ep #22: BONUS EPISODE – Alan and Kitces Unhinged (Mailbag Style!)

Continuing the monthly tradition, Kitces and I return to  answer your questions “mailbag style.” We pull your unanswered questions from our VIP community, emails and social media to bring you a fun and interesting take on your unanswered questions. Today, we tackle your burning questions on the topics ranging from compliance and regulations of bringing […]

Ep #21: The Career of Justin Rush – How a Failed Startup Attempt Led to Success

This week, I’m excited to welcome Justin Rush, founder of JGR Financial Solutions, to #XYPNRadio! I’ve known Justin for several years through our membership on the NAPFA Genesis Board, a segment of NAPFA for financial planners 33 years old and under. I knew this interview would be great because Justin has such an awesome story. But it was even […]

Ep #20: Net Worth and Income-Based Retainers from The Planning Center

#XYPNRadio welcomes Andrew Sivertsen to the podcast this week. Andrew is a financial planner, a partner at The Planning Center, and the current chair and past president of NextGen. His firm has led the way in providing innovative new options, like income-based retainers, in financial planning. Andrew’s story is an interesting one. Immediately after graduating college, […]

Ep #19: The Career of Katie Brewer – Using Speaking Gigs to Get Prospective Clients (and Income!)

This week, I’m excited to feature Katie Brewer. Katie is one of the founding members of the XY Planning Network and the founder of Your Richest Life, a financial planning firm based in Dallas. Katie’s career path may sound familiar. Like many of us, she struggled to find a place within someone else’s business where she could […]

Ep #18: The Career of Brittney Castro – From $0 to $250k Revenue in 24 Months with No AUM

This week, I’m pumped to bring you this interview with Brittney Castro. Brittney is the founder of Financially Wise Women, a Los Angeles-based firm. I’ve actually been following Brittney ever since I first started my firm back in 2012, but I only had social media interactions with her until I finally caught up with her […]

Ep #17: BONUS EPISODE – Alan and Kitces Unhinged (Mailbag Style!)

Continuing our monthly tradition, Michael Kitces and I return to answer your questions, “mailbag style.” We reach into our emails and VIP community to answer your questions from this past month. This new monthly bonus episode series has become a fun and exciting way for Michael and I to answer your burning questions. Today, we […]