Ep #32: Monthly Retainers in a $1.5 Billion AUM Firm

This week on #XYPNRadio, we’re chatting with J.D. Bruce. J.D. is the president of Abacus Wealth Partners, a firm based out of Santa Monica that manages over $1.5 billion in assets. Today, J.D. and I discuss how Abacus made the switch from the traditional 1% AUM with million dollar minimums to serving clients with a broad […]

Ep #31: How to Deal with Failure in Your First Year of Business

At one time or another, all financial planners have experienced the feeling that things just aren’t working, especially in their first year of business. Often, this triggers the fear that they should have never made the leap to start their own business. But these entrepreneurial lows are something that all business owners experience. The proper approach […]

Ep #30: SEO for Financial Advisors with Brent Carnduff

This week, we’re talking with Brent Carnduff, an SEO expert and the owner of Advisor Web Marketing. I initially met Brent when he worked with me on the creation of the Serenity Financial Consulting website a few years ago; he completely blew my mind. Time and time again, Brent has shown me how much of a […]

Ep #29: Building a Virtual Firm by Marketing Locally with Eric Roberge

Over the last 28 episodes, we have talked about a lot of different topics, some more in depth than others. This week, however, we’re covering a subject we have never fully discussed. Today, I am excited to bring you a first on #XYPNRadio — a return guest! Eric Roberge shares how advisors can build a […]

Ep #28: BONUS EPISODE – Alan and Kitces Unhinged (Mailbag Style!)

This week, Kitces and I return to the podcast to bring you yet another mailbag episode. This time, we answer four of the burning questions we’ve received from the #XYPNRadio VIP community. On this episode, we cover your questions about robo-advisors, how to transition from one career to financial planning, and how to best serve your niche community. […]

Ep #27: Outsource Your Marketing to Grow Your Firm with XYPN’s Director of Marketing Kali Hawlk

We get a lot of questions from our community centered around marketing, and to start answering them, we invited our very own marketing guru to the show. I’m excited to bring Kali Hawlk, XYPN’s Director of Marketing, to #XYPNRadio today! Kali and I discuss the most important pillars to your online marketing program, and most […]

Ep #26: The Career of Jude Boudreaux and How Failure Can Define Success

This week on #XYPNRadio, I am honored to bring you Jude Boudreaux, the founder of Upperline Financial Planning in New Orleans. Jude was one of our fantastic speakers at our XYPN conference back in September, and based on the incredible reception he received at the event, I knew I had to invite him to the […]

Ep #25: RIA Compliance: Staying Compliant When You Start and Run Your Firm

This week on #XYPNRadio, I am excited to bring you what you need to know about RIA compliance. We’re chatting with Jim Cullen, President of Financial Planners Assistance Corp. FPAC is a compliance firm that works with independent RIAs and financial planning firms. Jim has an incredible wealth of knowledge about RIA compliance and broker-dealers. He also has a […]