Ep #40: Embracing Impostor Syndrome with Carl Richards

This might just be our favorite episode of #XYPNRadio yet. We’re excited to welcome back author, New York Times columnist, artist, and financial advisor Carl Richards. Carl is a New York Times best-selling author of multiple books, speaks all over the world, and enjoys what most of us would consider a highly successful career. But at our XYPN15 conference […]

Ep #39: Writing Books to Supercharge Your RIA Marketing

If you’re like most financial planners, you’ve likely thought about the practical benefits of writing books — or maybe you’ve at least dreamed about it. Either way, something holds you back from taking the leap even when you know it could help your RIA marketing to get published. And little wonder: the book writing and […]

Ep #38: Residency Programs in Financial Planning

On this episode of #XYPNRadio, we’re chatting with a very special guest: financial planner, financial planning mentor, and XY Planning Network member Andrea Eaton of Cornerstone Wealth Advisors. Cornerstone was founded by Jon Guyton, a financial planning thought leader for his work in retirement planning. Jon has published a lot of research on retirement withdrawal rates and […]

Ep #37: The Career of Will Kaplan: From Failed Partnership to Firm Owner

This week on #XYPNRadio, we’re chatting with Will Kaplan. Will is the founder of Halcyon Financial Planning, based out of Oregon. He started out focusing on psychology in school, but found his way into financial planning through a series of job changes. Along the way, Will witnessed a practice go through a failed partnership before ultimately creating his path to owning […]

Ep #36: Serve NextGen Clients Inside Your Existing Firm

We’re thrilled to bring you a very special guest this week: Matt Cosgriff, the quintessential intrapreneur. Most people are familiar with the term entrepreneur. An intrapreneur is the term we use to describe the incredibly powerful model of being able to start a business venture — but inside of an existing firm. Curious? Be sure to tune in and learn […]

Ep #35: The Career of Jessica Smith: Balancing Business and Motherhood

This week’s episode of #XYPNRadio features an interview with Jessica Smith, the Director of Financial Planning and Vice President of Longview Financial Advisors. Together, we tackle the topic of balancing business and motherhood — plus much more. Jessica and I explore her career path and how she became the Director of Financial Planning and a firm owner […]

Ep #34: Creating the Perfect CRM with John Rourke and Dan Ferranti

This week on #XYPNRadio, we’re sharing an interview with Wealthbox CRM co-founders John Rourke and Dan Ferranti — and what it takes to create the perfect CRM. Dan and John’s share their backgrounds, how they met, and their first adventure into building a CRM called Upswing. From there, they continued to build products and eventually sold […]

Ep #33: BONUS EPISODE – Alan and Kitces Unhinged (Mailbag Style!)

This week, we are back with another mailbag issue. Kitces and I really enjoy these episodes because it really helps us to identify and address your biggest problems. Today, we were able to answer five of your burning questions. Returning again to questions surrounding niche marketing, we then move on to how to successfully grow […]